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Self-host ILLA Builder

We support users to self-host the open-source ILLA Builder. It caters to the needs of startup teams, providing them with all the necessary tools to build their own internal applications.

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How to deploy

Deploy ILLA Builder in minutes

ILLA Builder provides a seamless deployment experience that allows you to deploy your apps at an astonishing speed within your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


Run an Official Image

> docker pull illasoft/illa-builder:latest
Deploy guide


Downloading ILLA CLI

> cargo install illa
> illa deploy --self --port=10000
Deploy guide


Deploy guide

Quickly deploy

Deploy guide


Build interface with smooth drag-and-drop method

ILLA has revolutionized the way you build application interfaces. Our meticulously designed drag-and-drop method enables you to build frontend interfaces fast and accelerate the development process.

Real-time collaboration with team members

We allows multiple users to simultaneously edit content within the same application. This collaborative development approach promotes efficiency, enabling individuals with different roles to work together smoothly.

Exquisite component library

We offer a diverse collection of components tailored specifically for internal tool development. From tables and lists to interactive charts, we have meticulously crafted ready-to-use components.

Integrate with any data sources

ILLA Builder takes integration to new heights.ILLA Builder seamlessly connects with popular databases and APIs, including Postgre, REST API, Hugging Face, OpenAI, Supabase, Appwrite, etc.

Streamline user access management

Security and control are paramount when it comes to internal tools. With our open-source version, you gain robust user access management capabilities. Easily manage your team members and assign specific access permissions based on their responsibilities.

Compare with ILLA Cloud

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ILLA Cloud

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Extensive component library

From foundational elements to complex functionalities, we have carefully designed and curated a wide range of components to cater to your need.
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Integrate with any data source

ILLA Builder provides seamless connectivity with various data sources, allowing you to effortlessly harness the power of your data.
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Efficient team member management

With ILLA Builder, you can manage your team members and their roles within the development process. Assign specific responsibilities, grant varying access permissions, and streamline workflows.
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Real-time collaboration

Multiple team members can work together on the same project, editing content simultaneously. Empower your team to share ideas, provide instant feedback, and collectively drive your projects forward.
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Deployment with just one click

With our deployment feature, you can effortlessly deploy your developed applications with just a single click, saving time, reducing errors.
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Create Multiple Teams

When your company expands and has multiple business departments, you may need multiple teams to manage members, apps, and resources separately. This feature caters to your needs.
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Deploy as public apps

We support setting your app as a public app. This means that anyone can access your app without logging into an ILLA account. For security purposes, you can customize the login method within the app.
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Audit logs(Coming soon)

We store all team activity data for up to one year, allowing you to query and review it at any time.
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You can save multiple sets of themes and apply them to your app with just one click.
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Customize the appearance of your ILLA Builder or ILLA Cloud, giving it a unique branding that aligns with your company's identity.
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Live demo

Admin panel

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