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Facing challenges with great people
ILLA is a start-up with great people. Our major members came from famous companies and universities such as ByteDance, Kwai, Kingsoft, Cornell, and Pecking University. They already have the experience of developing TikTok and Kwai from zero to 100 million users and have accumulated rich experience in product development.
We are committed to developing excellent low-code platform products for developers worldwide, helping them reduce their time costs on UI design and data integrations.
Life At ILLAWe offer comprehensive benefits and a warm working environment for our employees
video☕️ Organize regular collective or team development
video💰 Provide employees with daily meal allowance and monthly benefits
video☀️Provide employees with annual vacation and sick leave in addition to holidays
video💻 Apple laptops and desktop computers for new employees
Our offices
7/F, Wangfujing 219 Taohui Xintian, Dongcheng District, Beijing
9/F, Block B, TCL Building, No.6 Gaoxin South Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
We are recruiting
Front end engineers Job Responsibilities:1. Lead or participate in the development of component libraries, and continuously improve the ease of use and scalability of the component libraries. 2. Lead or participate in the development of a low-code platform, and continue to improve the ease of use, stability, and scalability of the low-code platform.Job Requirements:1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in computer-related subjects. 2. Good communication and expression skills, strong execution ability, serious, rigorous, and highly responsible attitude for work. 3. Good at thinking and summary, advocating innovation and continuous optimization, careful thinking, rigorous code, and a strong interest in technology. 4. Proficient in HTML5/ES6/CSS3 and other Web development skills, able to independently complete page production, with good CSS skills. 5. Familiar with at least one mainstream front-end framework such as Vue, React, Svelte, etc. 6. Familiar with Web application system development, have a great understanding of HTTP protocol and the Web servers.Pluses:1. Familiar with Nodejs back-end server development, with experience in high concurrency, performance analysis, and tuning, and back-end service architecture; 2. Experience in component library development; 3. Experience in open-source project maintenance.
Golang development engineersJob Responsibilities:1. Responsible for the development of high-quality Go systems and maintaining the infrastructure of the open-source project ILLA Family. 2. Optimize the performance of online and offline services and support the implementation of high concurrency, multi-room, disaster recovery solutions. 3. Understand unit test writing, and have the ability to produce high-quality code requirements in line with open-source projects. 4. Have container-related experience.Job Requirements:1. Good data structure and algorithm foundation, solid programming skills. 2. Familiar with one of the Go languages, familiar with MySQL, Redis, Kafka message queue, etc. 3. Experience in open source project maintenance would be a plus. 4. Familiar with front-end related technologies, Vue, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS would be a plus. 5. Prefer developers with independent thinking, and product awareness, and have the ability to propose system improvements and optimize products.
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