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  1. Build Your Apps

With our extensive library of UI components, you can quickly and easily create highly polished interfaces. You can write queries to interact with data and use JavaScript in many different parts of your application.


Build, deploy, and run apps with ILLA’s Web-based development environment

Design and Usability (Pages, Transformers)

Personalize apps with custom styles and formatting

Event Handlers

Event handlers allow you to trigger queries, control components and perform other actions in response to user interactions

Assemble Components

Use ILLA’s library of UI components to build your app’s user interface.

Components are an essential part of ILLA, and they function similarly to React components in that they can accept properties and have internal state. By combining ILLA’s library of components with your data, you can build interactive apps.

Some common components include:

  • The Table component is used to display data in a tabular format, and it offers features such as sorting, filtering, pagination, and CSV exports.
  • The Form component is used to group input fields and submit them as a single unit.
  • The Select input component is a combination of a dropdown and an input field that allows users to either select a value from a list or enter a value directly as text.
  • The Chart component is used to create visualizations of data using charts and graphs.