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ILLA Cloud is a low-code platform that inherits multiple capabilities from ILLA Builder and ILLA Drive. It provides a seamless experience by allowing users to log in and register to access its features. With ILLA Cloud, you can effortlessly build internal tools, dashboards, CRUD (create, read, update, delete) applications, and more. The platform significantly improves work efficiency and helps companies save costs.

Upload files

You can upload or select files directly within the ILLA Builder interface, simplifying the process of incorporating files into your application.

Create folders

You can create unlimited folders to manage your files.


Upload files

We support batch upload files, you can upload up to one hundred files at a time.


Upload folder

We also support uploading a folder. When you upload a folder, we will check whether a folder with the same name exists locally. If it does not exist, a folder is created for you, and the files under the folder are uploaded to it. If it exists, directly upload the files under the folder to this folder.

Same name files check and replace

When you upload a file, we will determine whether there is a file with the same name under the folder. When a file with the same name exists, you will be asked to replace the file, rename or cancel the upload, depending on your choice.


Download files

You can download a single file or download multiple files at the same time. When downloading multiple files at the same time, we will archive all files in a ZIP package to your device. When downloading multiple files and some files fail, we will still archive and save the successfully downloaded files to your device.


Share files

Share files with team members

You can share files with your team members, and team members can directly enter Drive to view, upload and download files.

The access permissions are divided into editable and non-editable. Owners, Admins, and Editors are members who can edit files, including the upload, delete, and move files, as well as download and preview files. Viewers are members who can not edit files and can only download and preview files.

Deliver web content and other digital assets to users

You can generate a link to the file and place it on your website to be loaded when the user requests it. When generating links, you can also enable anti-hotlinking to prevent attacks from services other than ILLA Cloud