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Connect to your data source and call it in your ILLA Builder. We provide you with adaptable connection modules for different types of data sources. You can build a stable connection between your data and ILLA in a short time, greatly simplifying your data access process.

After successfully creating a resource, you can call it at any app in ILLA. You can also share your resources with your co-developers, improving the efficiency of building apps.

Supported resources type

ILLA supports a number of major databases, such as MySQL and Postage, as well as APIs such as the Rest API and GraphQL.

Add data source

Before adding your data source into ILLA Builder, you should add ILLA’s IP addresses to your database:

IP Address

Create a resource

Resources represent connections between ILLA Builder and your data sources. Create a resource by following steps:

1. Navigate to the Resources tab on the homepage's navigation bar and click the "Create new" button

2. Choose your data type here

3. Refine your data source information and click the "Create Resource" button then finish the process

In addition, you can create resources in the action list under App editor

Test connection

When you are creating or viewing resources, you can click the test button under the resource panel to check whether the data source is connected successfully.