ILLA home page
  1. Quick start


1. Deploy ILLA Builder

Before starting to use ILLA Builder, you should choose to use ILLA Cloud or Self-host ILLA to host your apps. We provide you with ILLA CLI, Docker Compose, and K8s to self-host ILLA in under 5 minutes. We will provide you with ILLA Cloud later, to help you simply get started with ILLA Builder.

2. Get users data

Register and log in to ILLA Builder, then enter the resource tab. Click the β€œCreate new” button then you can select the resource type here. We provide you with REST API and MySQL to connect your data. Postgres, Redis, and MongoDB will be available this month.

3. Drag and drop inserts

When your data is prepared, you can go back to the Apps tab and create an app. The insert list is on the right side of the page. You can choose one of them and drag it into the frame. Then click the insert and modified its parameters in the Inspect panel. We provide you with markdown mode to edit the label of each insert. If you are familiar with Markdown syntax, you can quickly adjust text size and thickness. In the meantime, you can use {{double brackets}} to invoke action data in the text input box to achieve more results in ILLA Builder.

4. Add action in Apps

An action is required to transform the data from resources to insert. We call it action. You can write a query in action to catch data from your resource. On this basis, you can write JavaScript in actions to execute data processing instructions, such as filter and merge. A MySQL example is given below:

  1. Create a MySQL action in the App editor. Named it action1.

  2. Enter the query code in the panel, e.g. SELECT * FROM Users.

  3. Run this action, the query result will be displayed on the bottom panel.

5. Show your data

When the action is successfully created, you need to bind the result of the action to the component. You should replace the value variable on the inspection panel with the result of actions {{}}. Then the component data will bind with the action result.